Budapest, Hungary

I’ve always heard great things about Budapest, so when I had the chance to go on a long weekend with some friends I jumped at the chance. The weather was extraordinarily good for the time of the year and I had a wonderful time. The exact details of the trip are fuzzy but here are the highlights.

The architecture here was like no other city I have ever been to. Below you can see the Parliament building, in a stunning Gothic revival style, I would recognise this building anywhere.


The Danube is the river which divides Buda and Pest, and is just as beautiful at night (as you can see from the cover photo for this post) – I would highly recommend a river cruise just before the sun sets to appreciate both views of the city. The shoes below are a memorial to the mostly Jewish victims of World War II who were ordered to remove their shoes before being brutally murdered and their bodies carried away by the river. The city is full of history which I barely scratched the surface of.

Budapest is famous for their escape rooms and I would highly recommend visiting one! Three people seems like the perfect amount, enough to work together and utilise the time to escape or complete your mission. I can’t remember the name but our hosts were brilliant and really got us into the scenario.

One evening we discovered a brilliant retro arcade bar – drinking and pinball machines, what more could you want! Now I just need to find one here in London. IMG_7823

The other thing on the must-do-in-Budapest list would be to visit a bath. We picked Széchenyi thermal bath, a little further out of the city but well worth it. With more baths than I could count inside and out.,  I left feeling warm and relaxed.

One final picture; the Buda Hill Funicular. There was quite a a queue butte were rewarded with spectacular views, a perfect way to say goodbye to the city. Perhaps I should explore more of Eastern Europe…F101C678-3A84-4825-B440-B97A81165B22

Top Tips:

  1. If you want a drink, make it a beer, it is much much cheaper than anything else
  2. Plan ahead to make sure you have time to fit everything in, I underestimated how much there was to see and do!
  3. Definitely include an Escape Room and a Thermal Bath in your plans

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