Denmark and Sweden

I only spent a night in the Danish city of Copenhagen but I got the impression of a clean, design focused city. Copenhagen is not a huge place, definitely best to explore on foot and take in the sights.

We skipped the Tivoli Gardens, which given our limited window of exploration seemed overpriced and crowded. Instead, we took in the architecture, heading for the Radhaus (town hall) Rosenborg Slot (castle) and Kastellet (fortress). The beautifully photogenic houses in the picture below (left) overlook the Nyhavn canal, an area I highly recommend visiting.

The statue above (right) needs no introduction; The Little Mermaid. Despite reading the warnings online and in the books, I thought the statue was quite underwhelming. The crowds of Japanese tourists captured my attention more than the small, Hans Cristian Andersen character overlooking the water.

We caught the train over to Malmö, Sweden and had a great view of the iconic bridge between the two Scandinavian countries. Over the next few days we travelled East along the coast, stopping at Simrishamn, before heading North West to Gothenburg.


One of my cousins has the most beautiful, quintessentially Swedish house you can see below. Outside of Orebro, we spent a few days catching up with her new young family exploring the local area, walking across fields, spotting deer and paddling in lakes.


Our trip ended in Stockholm. Skansen open-air museum was great and showcased traditional Swedish farm buildings along with animals, such as the cute bear family below. We wandered the streets of Stockholm, stumbling across an outdoor, free, rock concert which attracted groups of families enjoying the summer weather.

My impression so far of Scandinavia is as I had hoped; clean, fashionable and innovative. An the transport is just as efficient as you imagine! I’m sure the area would be very different in the long, dark winters but visiting in July we were very fortunate with the weather.

I definitely want to explore more of the region, perhaps Oslo next…

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